Sunday, August 26, 2012

Just Because It's Lotto, Does Not Mean You Can Locate It Just Anywhere!!!

Location. . . Location . . .Location.  That seems to be always the mantra of the Marketing Experts.

In Lotto, the same holds true.  I will explain by narrating this incident:
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I was waiting for the G2 Headquarters of the AFP to open as I need a Gate Pass for my car to enter the Supply Warehouse Compound at Camp Aguinaldo to pick-up my supplies like PCSO lotto playslips and thermal papers.

1.  There was a young girl and an old man also in line and both from different lotto outlets.

2.  The girl commented to me that she can't hardly meet her Overhead with the low sales that she is getting.  She was complaining of the high costs of transportation to remit the PCSO ticket sales everyday to the bank, the once a week submission of the Settlement Report to the PICC where the PCSO is holding office and the once a month trip with the car to pickup her supplies at Camp Aguinaldo.  And this complaining is from an outlet that is but 4 months old!

3.   Upon hearing this, the old man also agreed that it is difficult to meet his Operating expenses.

4.  I wanted to tell them that just because it is a lotto outlet, you will not exercise the same care in selecting a good location just like any business.

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5.  If you try to locate near an existing lotto outlet, chances are both of you will just cannibalize each other's sales.  You have to study if the area can support several lotto outlets.

If you avail of  my Lotto Consultation Service, I will explain the following to you:

1.  The differences between a Mall location and a Roadside Location;

2.  How to Negotiate with the Mall Leasing Department and what are the different charges being collected by Malls;

3.  I will  show you different possible examples of locations and I will share you my comments on what to watch out for in such locations and/or why that type of location is good.

4. I will also show you other ways to increase the total sales of your new business.

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By the way, I am conducting a One-on-One Consultation on How to Setup and Operate Your Own Lotto Outlet. Topics include How to Evaluate a Site for Lotto, The Proper Way to Apply with the PCSO, Actual Operations, How to Prevent Fraud, How to Compete Against Other Lotto Outlets and many more. Please allot at least 2 hours for each session. My fee is only P2,000 per person (Group discount available). Just text me your full name and "Lotto Setup" to 0922-8831225 for details.

Acquiring a Lotto outlet is a lot cheaper than purchasing a Franchise from Zagu (P320,000) or Siomai House (P250,000) and it is simple to operate.

Latest news: PCSO has lowered the Cash Bond requirement and an individual is now allowed to own 3 lotto outlets.

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