Sunday, December 18, 2011

True-To-Life Sharing By My Lotto Customer


Tonight, I heard a touching story by one of my regular lotto customer who happens also to be a Kagawad of a local Barangay Council.

Mr Kagawad was narrating that he married at the very young age of 19 and maybe or maybe not for that fact, his first born child, a daughter, developed meningitis at the age of 2.  At that time, he said, there was no cure for the disease and the doctors gave my lotto customer little chance that his daughter will live long.  Actually, it was more like if the child lived, she will suffer (and she did) permanent brain damage and eventually, will not live long.

Notwithstanding the naysayers that his daughter would not live, my lotto customer and his wife took upon themselves to care for their first child-daughter. 

Mr. Kagawad was telling me he prayed to God to allow her to speak so they can talk to her but she could not.

He prayed again to God to allow her to walk so that he can bring her to places but she could not walk.

Lastly, he prayed to God not to take her yet and that is when he said it is a MIRACLE because his daughter is now 38 and still alive!!!!!

The story does not end here.  You have to understand my lotto customer said that in all the 38 years of her life, it was only the last 7 years when they did not have to being their daughter  to the hospital repeatedly.

The doctors wanted to bore a hole in his daughter's throat to facilitate feeding her but Mr Kagawad refused.  Instead, they took turns osterizing food and and feeding their daughter every 2 hours every day for the last 36 years with the use of an infant milk bottle.

Having been bedridden for such a long length of time, their daughter has developed schilliosis (bent spine from her lying down position) and doctors have decided against braces as that would mean pain for her.

All is not bad (and they did not consider this as bad) as my lotto customer's 2 other children have now graduated nursing and physical therapy.  Just to show how much love he has for his first daughter, he is glad he has a nurse and a physical therapist as children so that they can care for their sister when my lotto customer has already passed away.

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