Saturday, August 13, 2011

Meet the PGMC KasCash A-Team. . . They are Here to Help Us Lotto Agents Earn More!!!

KasCash Number One Bestseller Pot of Gold ad on bus
Yesterday August 12, 2011,  I had a very productive Working Merienda-cena (is there such a word?) with the KasCash A-Team Members Ms Ria Perez (Marketing Head), Mr. Richie Burgos (Sales Head), Mr. Jhonel Abrihan (Head-Operations), Ms. Tresia Nieva (Provincial District Head) and of course, Ms. Mary Ann Manalo (Call Center Head).
The Power Merienda-cena was held at the Papa John Restaurant along Annapolis st., San Juan, just across the Greenhills Shopping Center.  Very nice.  Food was sumptuous (Huge pizza, Buffalo Wings, Salads, Spare ribs but that was not why we met!!! Hehehehe).  
KasCash A-Team - Ms Ria Perz, Marketing Head (Pink), Richie Burgos, Sales Head (Red), Tresia Nieva, Provincial Dist Head (Light orange), Jhonel Abrihan, Operations Head (with eyeglass) & of course, Mary Ann Manalo, Call Center Head (Lady in black)
KasCash Product Flyer with My Lotto Outlet's Lucky Cat
KasCash Knockout. Look for the Boxing Glove and Win the Peso Amount Below
KasCash Product Line with more in the Pipeline
Who are the A-Team members?  Well, Ms Perez is in charge of Kas Cash Marketing programs and promotions.  Unknown to many Lotto Agents, KasCash has promotional contests targetted at our Lotto customers like when KasCash raffled off laptops and motorcycles to our lotto customers who purchased KasCash cards.  
KasCash Tic Tac Mu. This is my Lotto outlet's bestselling KasCash.
 They also have an  Incentive Program for lotto agents wherein we Lotto agents can win Trips to Philippine Destinations.  (I won a trip to Palawan last year). The good thing with KasCash is that they allowed me to encash my Trip to Palawan prize which allowed me to share some of the rewards with my Staff!!
Going back to our Power Merienda-cena Meeting, to wit:
1.  I got to stress how important is the KasCash Sales to my overall Business Success;
2.  Brainstorm ideas on improving KasCash Sales;
3.  Critique of existing KasCash Product lines with the aim of making them more attractive to my Lotto customers;
4.  Areas discussed where on Product design, game mechanics and alternate channels of distribution.
KasCash Ms Ria Perez & Tresia Nieva UP CLOSE
The meeting lasted about 4 hours and while there were periods of fun, the general gist was TO IMPROVE SALES.
With this Group of Heads meeting me, I am impressed about the seriousness that the Kas Cash Team is in helping me devise ways of improving my Kas Cash sales which I consider very important to my business success. They took the time to listen and brainstorm ideas with me. Well done, Kas Cash. Now, we have to JUST DO IT!!!
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