Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 28, 2011 is Our 4th Anniversary and That is Why We Had Our Kiosk Blessed Today Sunday

It seemed only a short 3 years ago when in July 28, 2008, we opened our Happy Win Lotto Station to the public.  Since then, every major milestone (a year's operation, a contract renewal or a transfer of site), we always made sure that Fr. Randy Baluso would BLESS our business.

I also believed that with the Lord's Blessings, our business has survived when other better-know small businesses have closed shop in our mall.  Our Lotto Station is the main source of income not only for me but also my four staff and in fact, for all four of us, we are the only ones earning in our families!  And that is why i have every reason to thank our Lord for a year's worth of His Grace and to also thank Him for giving us another year.

We met  Fr. Randy while attending mass that he was officiating at the mall where we are located.  Fr. Randy is no ordinary priest.  As he said in his homily today, he said he had dreamed of being a priest and a soldier and now, he is both.

Fr. Randy also happens to be the Chaplain at one of the military camps in the city.  He is a very amiable priest:  aside from giving good sermons, he is also has a capable voice as he sings the mass hymns.

For those interested in going into the Lotto Outlet business, I offer a One-on-One Consultation on How to Set-up and Operate Your Own Lotto Outlet.  Topics will include Site Selection, The Proper Way to Apply with the PCSO, How Much to Set-up a Lotto Outlet, Actual Operations, How to Attract Lotto Players, Hiring The Right Lotto Operator and How to Protect Your Business from Fraud and many many more.  I will share with you my Actual Experiences as a Lotto Agent.  My fee is only P2,000 per head.

 If you are interested in availing of my Lotto Consultation, you may text me at 0922-8831225 for details. See ya guys.

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