Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our Happy Win Lotto Station Installs New Signage Showing New PCSO Logo

This is the new PCSO Logo "Panalo Pusong Pilipino" that all Lotto agents are required to display in their own Lotto Outlets AS PER LOTTO CIRCULAR # PCSO-2011-05 dated 08.10.2011
As per a recent PCSO Regulation, all lotto agents are required to submit a picture showing their lotto outlets displaying the latest PCSO Logo "Panalo Pusong Pilipino" prior to approval of their Renewal of their Agency Contract with the PCSO.

I just thought of showing in Images the change from the old "Lotto Play Here" Logo to the PCSO's new "Panalo Pusong Pilipino" logo:

Step 1 - The PCSO-accredited contractor applies double-sided adhesive over our old signage showing the old PCSO Logo.

Step 2 - Contractor now attaches the new signage with the new PCSO Logo "Panalo Pusong Pilipino".  It is a huge sticker over a sintra board (like an illustration board).  The Sintra signage is then stuck over the double-sided tape thereby covering the old signage.

Step 3 -  Not part of the said PCSO Regulation on Signages, I required the contractor to instal a 1mm thick Clear Acrylic Sheet on top of the new PCSO sticker + sintra board.

The purpose of the Acrylic sheet is :

        1.  It prevents people especially unsupervised kids from writing graffiti over the signage (which
             will rapidly destroy the look of the signage and make it look so dirty after a short while)

       2.  The Acrylic Sheet will prevent the sticker below from prematurely aging due to exposure to the
            environment such as dust and heat and  aging due to constant lighting exposure.

      3.  The Acrylic sheet greatly enhances the look of the PCSO Logo by making the colours really
            shine and look more vivid.  (You gotta see it to believe how much better it looks!!!)

The 2 contractors holding the invisible Acrylic sheet to place it in position over the new PCSO Logo signage.

Step 4 - The contractor drill metal screws to securely fasten the Acrylic sheet over the PCSO Logo signage.  (Unfortunately, this procedure had its share of dismay.  Because the Acrylic Sheet is only 1mm thick, a portion of the Acrylic sheet cracked when the contractor drilled into it.  ----- I could have insisted that the sheet be replaced but as borne by the worried look of the contractor, I knew his boos will charge him for it.  So, I chose not to have it replaced.  Good thing the damaged portion was under the lighting edge.)

The last step was to have the contractor apply 3M clear adhesive tape all around the edges of Acrylic sheet to prevent dust from entering the edges between the PCSO logo signage and the Acrylic sheet.

Step 5 -- Start selling Lotto tickets (to get back the cost of the whole exercise. Hehehehehe

Finally, the finished product displaying the New PCSO "Panalo Pusong Pilipino" signage at our Happy Win Lotto Kiosk.       Taya Na!!!!!

The new signage showing the new PCSO Logo "Panalo Pusong Pilipino" makes our kiosk frontage look a lot cleaner too.

A closer view of the new signage displaying the PCSO New logo "Panalo Pusong Pilipino"

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