Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pacific Online Presents Cash Reward to My Lotto Staff

Last week, Mr. Christian Lugtu, Sales Supervisor for Pacific Online Systems Corp. (my supplier for the bestselling PCSO Scratch It Instant Game Cards)together with a representative of Lucky Seven Inc. (Pacific Online's distributor for North GMA to which I belong) visited my Lotto Outlet to present the Cash Reward to my Lotto Staff for achieving our Sales Target for the First Quarter of 2012.

My staff waited for me to arrive so that I can open the Cash Envelope and give them their share of the Cash Reward. Let's just say the timing of the Cash Reward could not have been at a better opportune time:

1. My Lotto operator was worried as she has to undergo an operation to extract a troublesome Wisdom tooth and there, the funds arrive.

2. Mr backup Lotto operator said she will buy herself a new blouse.

3. And finally, my supervisor spent part of her Reward to celebrate Father's Day with her Dad and family. \
That's Mr Christian Lugtu of Pacific Online on the left when last year,  he presented the Condura 3/4hp Aircon that our Lotto Outlet received for achieving the required number of Sales Reward Points for 2011.  (Photo courtesy of Pacific Online Systems Corp./ Scratch It PCSO Instant Game Cards)

So there, as a Scratch It Reseller, I have an incentive to keep on selling more!

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By the way, I am conducting a One-on-One Consultation on How to Setup and Operate Your Own Lotto Outlet. Topics include How to Evaluate a Site for Lotto, The Proper Way to Apply with the PCSO, Actual Operations, How to Prevent Fraud, How to Compete Against Other Lotto Outlets and many more. Please allot at least 2 hours for each session. My fee is only P2,000 per person (Group discount available). Just text me your full name and "Lotto Setup" to 0922-8831225 or call 514-2905 for details.

Acquiring a Lotto outlet is a lot cheaper than purchasing a Franchise from Zagu (P320,000) or Siomai House (P250,000) and it is simple to operate.

Latest news: PCSO has lowered the Cash Bond requirement and an individual is now allowed to own 3 lotto outlets.


  1. Hi Sir!Can you give consultation online?I sms you just now.I work here in Singapore. Lotto outlet is the business i'm thinking of having since madali pag ipunan dahil mababa lng cost. Uwi ako next week and I can send payment on your account. Please e-mail me at rona_jane87@yahoo.com

  2. Yes I have already done an Online Consultation with Mr. Jay, an OFW based in Riyadh apart from a client in Davao who was doing a thesis about the Lotto business.