Monday, June 11, 2012

The Unbelievable Pacquiao Bradley Boxing As Analyzed By My Lotto Outlet Customers

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As with any Boxing Match with our very own Manny Pacquiao, there were very few customers yesterday morning as most Lotto bettors (at least for the Male Species) decided to watch the :Live Boxing via Pay Per View Telecast or stay at home to watch on their own TV sets the Mucho Delayed Telecast of the much-advertised Pacquiao Bradley Boxing Match (wherein every minute of actual Boxing Time was followed by a GALACTIC HOUR OF TV AD COMMERCIALS).

Of course notwithstanding the millions of pairs of eyes who watched the Fight and thought Pacquiao won, the 2 Judges with 2 pairs of eyes between them decided otherwise and made Timothy Bradley the winner.  What it means is that you can win about 8 Rounds of a 12 Round boxing match and STILL LOSE!!!

Now back to Lotto.  Towards the late afternoon when most Filipinos got over their Loss (as in Loss in their Pacquiao bets), they decided to pay a visit to my Lotto outlet to bet.  Here is some of the Boxing Analysis  as brought forth by my Much Beloved Lotto customers:

1.  "You could win all the rounds and still lose to the judging."  (Of course, nobody made mention of the controversial boxing match of Pacquiao and Morales (?) wherein the Mexicanos were enraged on how come PacMan was declared the MUCHO WINNER.)

2.  "It was the work of the Mafia."

3.  "You could hug your opponent (Bradley  hugs, that is) all night and still win the boxing fight."

4.  "Pacquiao had to lose to make sure there will be a rematch.  Another MONEY-MAKING gimmick."

5.  "Pacquiao had to lose otherwise had he won, Boxing would die as there would be no one to fight Pacquiao anymore."

6.  "Pacquiao lost because while Bradley was already sweating from his warmup, Pacquiao was watching the Miami Heat- Boston Celtics NBA game."

7.  "The judges were fair.  Pacquiao is not his former strong self.  His last Knockout was in 2009(?)."  (The only lotto bettor to side with the judges.)

8.  Jessica Sanchez had to sing the National Anthem of the US of A (and not our National Anthem) because:

        "  Had she sang the Philippine Anthem, the father of Jessica who happens to be a Mexican would get 
          angry and the Mexicanos were already angry about the controversial win of Pacquiao last time he 
          fought a Mexican. "    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  In the interest of marital bliss as Jessica's
          mom is a Filipina, let the American Idol Runnerup sing the National Anthem of the US of A.

And so, that sums up my view of the Pacquiao Bradley boxing match straight from my Lotto outlet (and not from MGM Plaza, Las Vegas).  Good day.

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