Monday, July 18, 2011

Do You Know That You Can EARN a Trip to Palawan Just by Selling PGMC KasCash scratch cards???

Samples of PGMC KasCash cards
Yes it is true!!! Not only do you earn from every sale of KasCash scratch cards, the Philippine Gaming and Management Corporation (owner of the KasCash cards), they also offer the following to its valued Lotto Agent Sellers:

1.  You earn Reward Points which could be exchanged for gadgets and appliances

2.  If the gadgets and appliances do not catch your fancy, you can save the points (Sales volume) and target a trip to a Vacation Destination such as Palawan or Cebu

PCSO PGMC Kas Cash cards with names like Wow Pinas, Tic Tac Mu and Sargo Karambola. Fun Games.
3.  And lastly, if Numbers 1 & 2 are still not interesting, you could exchange the Prizes for Cash that you can share a portion with your lotto operators and the balance as added Working Capital for your PCSO Lotto outlet!!!


  . . .  the prizes are dependent on your Sales Volume, and NOT a raffle.,  So, every PCSO Lotto agent (from the Number 1 seller to the smallest PCSO lotto outlet) can EARN the prize!!!

For those interested in going into the Lotto Outlet business, I offer a One-on-One Consultation on How to Set-up and Operate Your Own Lotto Outlet.  Topics will include Site Selection, The Proper Way to Apply with the PCSO, How Much to Set-up a Lotto Outlet, Actual Operations, How to Attract Lotto Players, Hiring The Right Lotto Operator and How to Protect Your Business from Fraud and many many more.  I will share with you my Actual Experiences as a Lotto Agent.  My fee is only P2,000 per head.

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