Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Ballpen Problem of a Lotto Agent


The best ballpen? (courtesy of BIC ballpen)
Obviously, the lowly ballpen is the most important tool to be found in any lotto outlet and yet it is also the source of frustration and headache at our lotto outlet.

1.  During the months of April to June, we would lose a number of our ballpens as it is Enrolment and School Opening time;

2.  If we put high-quality ballpens like Pilot or Bic, it will surely disappear the minute I place them in the lotto outlet.

3.  Previously,  we used to just tie the ballpen to our lotto kiosk sides itself using a heavy duty string that is attached to the end of the ballpen using packaging tape.

4.  Unfortunately, smart people will get the pen cartridge inside the ballpen and leave the plastic body shell behind.  Now, we almost literally cover the whole length of the ballpen in packaging tape.
No way we use BIC Ballpen in Lotto Outlet (courtesy of

5.  And, to top it all, our lotto customers do not want to wait for a ballpen to be freed by another user.  They want a ballpen immediately!!!!

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