Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Win Lotto Station, that's Us, Held Its First Scratch It Raffle Draw Last October 4, 2011


As a way of showing our gratitude and thanking our beloved Suki PCSO Scratch It customers for supporting us in our small business, we of Happy Win Lotto Station started a Raffle Draw last August 1 to September 30, 2011 which culminated in the drawing of the 4 Lucky Happy Win Lotto customers who each won a Brand-new Samsung E1080T cellphone!!!!

The Raffle Draw was held at about 5:30pm October 4, 2011 and the following attended and witnessed the drawing of the winning entries:

Mr. Jay Jamias             -            National Sales Manager, Pacific Online Systems, Inc.

Ms. Grace L. Gatdula  -            Marketing Manager, Pacific Online Systems, Inc.

Mr. Christian Lugtu     -            Sales Supervisor for NCR, Pacific Online Systems, Inc.

Mr. Rory Cheng         -            Mall Center Manager, Winsome Development Corp.

Fr L to R Mr. Christian Lugtu, Ms. Grace Gatdula, Mr. Rory Cheng, Mr. Carlo, me & Mr. Jay Jamias, Sales Honcho of Pacific Online Systems Inc for Scratch It cards
Our Scratch It customers really appreciated the holding of the Raffle Draw  as they did not expect that a lotto outlet would conduct such an event just for them and only for them. 

An active  Pre-need Sales Consultant, Ms. Nona Moreno receives her Brand-new Samsung cellphone
Ms. Myrna Alcantara, a Nurse, also receives her Samsung phone
The third Samsung went to Mr. Joseph Ceres
We received 4 bags of Scratch It entries
Ms. Mary Jane Villanueva wins the 4th & last Samsung Cellphone.
Mr. Cheng & me enjoying a light moment
Many lotto customers playing Scratch It cards
Mr. Lugtu records the names of the winning entries
Mr. Rory Cheng checking location of entrants
Ms. Gatdula takes a pic of the entries
Mr. Jamias, Mr. Cheng, Mr Lugtu & myself took part in drawing the winners
Mr. Jamias drawing on the Raffle winners
Mr. Lugtu at the forefront of the Scratch It Raffle draw
Messrs Jamias, Cheng & myself verify the winning entries
Mr. Lugtu calls out the names of the raffle winners
Shopping cart showing off the 4 Raffle prizes & Raffle draw entries
A small girl looks at the Raffle prizes & raffle entries

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