Sunday, October 2, 2011

Do You Allow Dictation at Your Lotto Outlet?


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 This is a perennial problem at most pcso lotto outlets and a source of endless battle with some insistent and not-always-aged lotto bettors, and this is the issue of a lotto customer not wanting to fill-up the pcso lotto playslip card and insisting on dictating his/her bet.

We do not allow dictation because:

1.  Errors often occur which leads to cancellation of pcso lotto tickets.  (Even if the lotto operator may cancel the lotto ticket, PCSO will question the lotto agent if the peso amount of cancelled lotto tickets are significant.  This may even lead to the retraining of the lotto operator or worse, termination of said lotto operator.)
Some just refuse to use the lotto playslip cards (courtesy of
Sample of PCSO Lotto 6/45 playslip card

2.  If the lotto customer had already left the lotto outlet only to return complaining of wrong lotto numbers, the lotto operator can no longer cancel the said lotto ticket after 5 minutes have passed from its issuance time/date.

3.  Dictation of lotto bets is a big source of delay and causes unnecessary lines to form and this irritates the other lotto bettors.  At worse, they will leave and go to another lotto outlet if it takes too long for us to serve them.

The usual reason given for the insistence of dictation is poor eyesight.  But the funny thing we noticed is that when we allow the dictation, this same customer who dictated his lotto bet is able to count his change and check the small numbers printed on the lotto ticket.  Hay!!!!!!

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