Sunday, October 2, 2011

Still On Rising Manila Floods: For Those Safe, Have We Thanked Our God?

GMA NEWS & ABS-CBN BALITA, the bad news keep on pouring in of rising floodwaters with no let up.

News item of residents in a part of Manila who refuse to evacuate for the simple reason THEY DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO GO.

Families leaving behind all their few belongings.

And how about the scores of DEATHS reported. Can any of you ever contemplate DEATH by drowning due to a normal thing as floodwaters?

For those of us in our houses keeping warm with a hot cup of Milo or coffee, have we said Thank you to Him and have we remembered to say a Prayer for Our Lord to Help those who are now out in the cold rain shivering and without food?

My supervisor is saddened with news that floodwaters have entered her sister's home in Cainta, Rizal east of Manila. I know the family and yearly I spend my summer vacations with them. They are good people.

Let's pray for them.

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