Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Godspeed to Christian Lugtu of Pacific Online Systems On His New Assignment

Who is Mr. Christian Lugtu, you may ask?

Christian Lugtu is the Sales Supervisor of Pacific Online Systems Corp and for the past years, he has been looking after my lotto outlet's progress in marketing the Scratch It brand of Instant Game Cards of the PCSO.

Because we both came from FMCG or Fast-Moving Consumer Goods companies (He from Monde-Nissin, makers of Lucky Me Noodles and me, from Universal Robina Corp, makers of Piattos, C2 & Chippy snacks), I immediately became familiar with Christian's way of managing an account, to wit:

1.  He always works on Sales Targets

2.  He keeps me updated with my Sales progress and we usually do a Monthly Review (peso and quantity per variant) (He lugs around his heavy laptop to my lotto outlet)

3.  He immediately calls my attention if my sales has dropped and does an analysis of what happened, whether I like what I hear or not)

That's Mr. Christian Lugtu on the far left with backpack.  Next to him is Ms. Grace Gatdula, Scratchit Marketing Manager & on the Far Right is Mr. Jay Jamias, National Sales Manager of Pacific Online Systems.
4.  He listens to my suggestions like when I told him why not come up with an Incentive plan for the lotto operators separate from incentives to the lotto agent.  (For 2012, Pacific Online did exactly that!  Maybe not because of my suggestion but it is comforting to know Pacific Online listens.)

5.  Because he knows how important the Top 3 Bestsellers are to my Sales bottomline (Go Banana, Red Hot 7 & Lucky Dragon), Christian keeps me informed of the stock availability of these variants.

6.  He does not mind my calling him up at odd hours of the night for this complain or that complain and its negative impact on my Sales.

7.  He is not afraid to comment vocally to me if I put up too many posters of PGMC, his competitor and not enough of his.

8.  He immediately informs me of any Sales Promotions that his company cooks up and that is usually a HAPPY MOMENT for me as it represents a chance to earn a little more.

9.  And lastly, he still found the time to say his Goodbyes to us and personally introduce his replacement, Mr. Alfred Asperilla, whom we look forward to working with and with the same vigor as Mr. Lugtu.

In short, he is not only a Sales person but also a Brand Manager looking after his brand and managing his Key Accounts.  Pacific Online is fortunate to have a guy like him.

I wish him success in his new assignment.

I hope he will still find the time to drop-by and have coffee with me.  My treat!!!

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