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Today is July 28, 2012 Our 4th Anniversary of our Happy Win Lotto Outlet
My Team and myself have a lot to be thankful for to Our Lord one of which is that despite many heartaches and tension-filled moments (a Lotto outlet just opened so near to us that only a wall and a street just separates us), we have managed to survive 4 GRUELING YEARS OF LOTTO OPERATION.

July 28 Lotto Jackpot & EZ2, Swertres results
Unlike maybe some other lotto outlets, our Happy Win Lotto Outlet is OUR ONLY SOURCE OF INCOME and the 3 of us (my supervisor, my lotto operator and myself as lotto agent) are the SOLE BREADWINNERS OF OUR OWN FAMILIES.

And so, My Blog for today is all about thanking the people who have helped us the last 4 years:

1.  The Lord for giving this gift, our Happy Win Lotto, to us and for  ALWAYS BEING THERE WHEN WE NEEDED HIM MOST;

2.  To the PCSO Central Operations, Data Control, Marketing, Internal Audit & Warehouse Departments for providing the needed support services without them we would not have started and continued operations at all;

Luck plays a role in everybody's lives most of all amongst my lotto customers
3.  To Winsome Development Corp. for providing the space and opportunity to make a living in their Mall Center;

4.  To KasCash Marketing Corp., Pacific Online Systems Corp., Philippine Gaming Management Corp. and Total Gaming Technologies Corp. for providing the products to sell and the necessary Technological Support to run our Lotto outlet;

Always good to see people betting at my lotto outlet
5.  To the Banks (you know who you are) whom without your deposit facilities and steady daily supply of coins and small  bills without which our operations would be hampered;. 

6.  To my Mom and sisters who have provided the needed encouragement and moral support to continue during those days and sometimes months of uncertainties and hardships and somehow, we survived because of them;

People checking pcso lotto results before placing their bets
7.  To my 2 dear Staff who have stuck it out with me from Day 1 July 28, 2008 till now to make Happy Win Lotto Station a continuing REALITY.   I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

6.  Lastly and most important, OUR BELOVED LOTTO CUSTOMERS who have stood by us over the years despite the rise of very stiff competition.  Definitely, WITHOUT THEM, WE OF HAPPY WIN LOTTO STATION WOULD CEASE TO EXIST.

2 of my lotto customers still holding their lotto playslips & obliging me with a picture
My 2  pretty Staff posing for our Anniversary Day
So that I also am in the pic, I asked my regular lotto suki to take the picture
Lotto customers around my lotto outlet
The All-important Lotto Jackpot Amounts Display, without it, my lotto customers will complain
People from all walks of life placing a Lotto bet at my Lotto outlet

Man on right keeps his bets secret by writing instead atop the Mall Waste Container, rather than be beside the other bettors

By the way, I would like to invite you to visit my Sulit Homepage as there are some business opportunities that you guys might be able to help me out with. If you are interested, just click the Sulit Logo below:

My Sulit Homepage
By the way, I am conducting a One-on-One Consultation on How to Setup and Operate Your Own Lotto Outlet. Topics include How to Evaluate a Site for Lotto, The Proper Way to Apply with the PCSO, Actual Operations, How to Prevent Fraud, How to Compete Against Other Lotto Outlets and many more. Please allot at least 2 hours for each session. My fee is only P2,000 per person (Group discount available). Just text me your full name and "Lotto Setup" to 0922-8831225 for details.

Acquiring a Lotto outlet is a lot cheaper than purchasing a Franchise from Zagu (P320,000) or Siomai House (P250,000) and it is simple to operate.

Latest news: PCSO has lowered the Cash Bond requirement and an individual is now allowed to own 3 lotto outlets.

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