Monday, July 2, 2012

Lotto Agent Gets Super Headache Due to Failure to Display New PCSO Logo Signage

This is my Lotto kiosk displaying the new PCSO Logo signage
A fellow Lotto Agent went to my Lotto to place a bet.  He has been betting in my Lotto for the past 2 years whenever he happens to be in Manila.

He was telling me his Lotto was blocked (Terminal made OFF-LINE) due to his failure to display the proper signage showing the New PCSO Logo (see previous post below) which probably caused the non-renewal of his Contract of Agency with the PCSO.


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By the way, I am conducting a One-on-One Consultation on How to Setup and Operate Your Own Lotto Outlet. Topics include How to Evaluate a Site for Lotto, The Proper Way to Apply with the PCSO, Actual Operations, How to Prevent Fraud, How to Compete Against Other Lotto Outlets and many more. Please allot at least 2 hours for each session. My fee is only P2,000 per person (Group discount available). Just text me your full name and "Lotto Setup" to 0922-8831225 or call 514-2905 for details.

Acquiring a Lotto outlet is a lot cheaper than purchasing a Franchise from Zagu (P320,000) or Siomai House (P250,000) and it is simple to operate.

Latest news: PCSO has lowered the Cash Bond requirement and an individual is now allowed to own 3 lotto outlets.

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